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Sensorcom Industrial Custom Fit earplugs designed to be used where noise levels can quickly escalate into causing a hearing problem for workers and their employers. Hazardous noise conditions will have a cumulative effect on any worker who is consistently subjected to it. Giving a high priority to hearing protection is an important step towards a successful hearing conservation program and an important factor in maintaining an overall healthy workforce.
The right hearing protection equipment will reduce noise to an overall safe level, but avoids overprotection that compromises communication and worker safety on the job. Our industrial earplugs come as full shell with a choice of acoustic filters or full blocking depending on your circumstances. The acoustic filters are all interchangeable and can be changed for a different value on request. For instance the noise in one department may be higher than another requiring higher or lower protection levels.

  • CE approved and meets the criteria set out in EN352-2
  • Custom fit, manufactured from soft Medical grade silicon therefore comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Acoustic filter fitted to suit the customer’s noise requirement.
  • Allows communication between work force helping with industrial safety.
  • Detectable if required and colour coded for your industry.
  • Detachable and detectable lanyard.
  • Full shell custom fit for extra protection.
  • Allows user to still wear head protection equipment without interference.
  • Cost Effective, Durable and long lasting.
  • Attenuation Levels for Alpine Filters with Custom Silicon Earmoulds