Reliable Fit2Fit Accredited Face Fit Testing Services Preston and Blackburn

The Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme has been implemented to ensure that only competent, trained personnel can perform face fit testing.

Before the Fit2Fit scheme was introduced, there was no way to determine which companies could perform face fit testing to a high standard. If you managed to find a skilled tester, it was simply down to pure luck.

Fit2Fit was developed by the British Safety Industry Federation in collaboration with the HSE; the scheme is designed to ensure that tight fitting respiratory masks are fitted to meet stringent standards, aiming to significantly reduce the occurrence of respiratory problems directly related to occupation.

Fit2Fit Accredited Face Fit Testers in Preston & Blackburn

Our face fit testers have the knowledge, skills and experience required to carry out the process and regularly undertake refresher courses to ensure consistency in performance. It is our responsibility to ensure that wearers of tight fitting respirators are not exposed to potential respiratory problems due to their apparatus being ill-fitted.

As part of our training, all assessors at Phoenix Fit Testing Services have passed an industry-recognised exam, showing that we possess the knowledge and practical experience required to carry out face fit testing.

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