We are a Fit2Fit Accredited Face Fit Tester in Preston, Blackburn and surrounding areas

Fit-Testing has been a mandatory requirement under the U.K Asbestos Regulations and from November 2002 the new COSHH regulations and associated ACOP require employers of wearers of tight fitting face. Tight fitting face pieces include disposable particulate respirators, half-masks and full-face masks with filters. A fit-Test should also be carried out if you are using powered and airfed respirators.

The port count makes a direct measurement of respirator fit factors. There are no error-including assumptions made to calculate equivalent fit factors. The measurement is made while the person simultaneously performs dynamic moving and/or breathing exercises designed to stress the respirator seal in ways that simulate anticipated workplace activity

Fit Test Procedure

  • Each Fit test lasts approx 20 mins
  • Employee dons a mask as produced by the employer
  • Whilst connected to Portacount Plus employee is requested to begin exercises.
  • Each exercise is 90 seconds and includes normal breathing, deep breathing, head side to side; head up and down, talk out loud and finally return to normal breathing.
  • Expert advice will be given if current products in use Fail. Every effort will be made to ensure Pass is achieved on day of Fit Test.

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